Womb Sauna Service


Womb Sauna Service

from 45.00

Womb sauna sessions for women in the DMV. 

You will be guided through a hip opening sequence, aromatherapy with relax techniques, and a guided meditation to physically and energetically heal your womb. All materials will be provided. 

To know benefits and details of the Womb Sauna Experience click here. 

Email Lotus Living at lotuslivingrc@gmail.com first before purchasing your womb sauna experience and to book an appointment. 

The total cost of a single session is $90. The first half of the payment is placed online to reserve your appointment. The second half of your payment will be taken at the arrival of your appointment. 

The 3 sessions bundle occurs in 3 payments of $65. Each payment of $65 after the first session will be taken at the arrival of your appointment. If after you partake in 3 session bundle but do not set for your follow up appointments within 30 days you will be charged as a single session and pay the remaining balance of $25.


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