Desi C.

-MD, Age 31

Regina is very professional, comforting and intuitive. She’s knowledgeable, patient and this was an absolutely amazing experience. She makes its her mission to see you through the healing you seek to achieve during your yoni steam session and I am blessed to have experienced such love, care, and attentiveness. She is passionate about sisterhood and it was truly appreciated and felt during my session. I’m forever grateful for her and I HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone seeking womb healing!

Aaisha B.

-MD, Age 35

Regina is an excellent source of information, kind, tactful and direct and very knowledgeable. The Llamo pads are amazing, can’t believe I was using so many unnatural feminine products. Thanks to Regina I’m on the course to a holistic wellness lifestyle.   

I look forward to learning and watching her thrive. 

With gratitude, 


Brianna W.

-MD, Age 23

Regina’s Moon Manifestation Party allowed me for the first time to hold sacred space with other women. The venue was very welcoming and the knowledge shared on raw foods, the power of manifestation and so much more was simply invaluable! You can tell true care was put into organizing this event. I’m looking forward to many more by Regina!

Bianca j.

-MD, Age 31

I've had three yoni steam sessions and with each session we achieve greater results. For my first one, I didn't know what to expect. By the third, I felt renewed and willing to sign up for two future sessions. Regina gets better at her craft and direction each time we go through this process. I left more connected with my womb, emotions, and feminity.