Review on Vanity Planet Spinbrush

Why  I wanted it:

This spin brush really changed everything about my face washing routine. Before I bought the brush I was using a manual brush that I received from a facial kit. The manual brush made headway on clearing my skin along with my other daily routines but I knew it was time for a new one. I had been searching for one in stores like Target but was having no luck. All the brushes they sold were ridiculous prices that included anti aging products that I did not need. Then I finally came across Vanity Planet and saw that they had a 4 head spin brush. Went to the site and immediately purchased because it was not only affordable but it had the additional spin heads.

Types of spin heads:

Daily Spin Facial Brush: Used in daily wash routine. 

Exfoliating Facial Spin Brush: Used every 2 or 3 days. (I do not recommend exfoliating every day because it can cause your skin to break out even more) 

Body Spin Brush: Used for exfoliating the body. 

Pumice Stone: Used for exfoliating the feet, elbows, and knees.

My Experience: 

When I first bought the brush I used all four heads. I really liked the daily and exfoliating brush. I ran into problems with the body and pumice stone. The spin brush is not designed to take a lot of pressure. I read this before using the brush but when using it on the body I had trouble not applying pressure. Going around the curves of the body and on the heels of my feet caused it to spin in an awkward way where it would pivot. This is what damaged my brush. My brush would spin and it would make a clicking noise. It also started to spin slower. So I contacted Vanity Planet and told them what happened and they gave me a completely new purchase free of charge. 

With my new spin brush I have had no problems with it but at the same time I have not used it on my body since it broke the first time. If I used it on my body again I would just use the body brush for *dry brushing* but not use the pumice stone on my body. I like to scrub my feet manually because my feet end up smoother. The spin brush is not for heavy duty scrubbing. 

As far as my face, the spin brush was able to really clean my skin up. It cleans better than if I were to just use my hands. The brushes really get into your pores. I recommend it for anyone who is trying to clear up their skin or trying to maintain it. Definitely a staple to have in the bathroom.