The Vulva Book by Painta

I was gifted this book by the artist Shawn Lindsay, "Painta," last night and the images captivated my attention. As you all know I am into women's health especially womb health and this book goes directly with my vision of women accepting themselves for who they are. Painta did this book series in 2012 when working a desk job and started to draw vulvas free hand just for fun. The pictures started to gain attention on media and receive more feedback than he expected. Then he began drawing them from reference. Women left a variety of comments from beautiful to ew! He stated as they grew more popular that they were not only beautiful but that they were confronting and powerful. I'd love for all those reading this to keep Painta's words in mind. That we are beautifully unique and that physical health is different for everyone. Each day empower yourselves to love a little deeper and accept yourself for who you are.  


If you would like to see more of Painta's "The Vulva Book" or other beautiful artwork please contact him on instagram @therealpainta or his twitter @Painta